ZW Home Cook

- Your Very Personal Chinese Home Chef -

Endlessly Customizable

Let your tastebuds be your guide! Choose your own savory or even let us choose the meals for you!

Food Delivers To Your Doorstep

Convenient! We deliver your orders on time to your location with NO EXTRA costs!

Nutritious Food With Fresh Ingredients

Indulge in nutritious meals prepared with fresh ingredients, allowing you to worry much less about your health!

Explore The Menu

Find your new favorite meal plans now!

New Customers Enjoys an Additional 10% OFF!

What is ZW trying to achieve

ZW Home Cook aims to simplify dinner preparation by offering a convenient “order and eat” experience. Instead of spending time preparing dinner yourself, we will be your personal cook, providing comfortable and ready-to-eat meals for you to enjoy hassle-free.

How It Works

1️⃣Build Your Meal

     Every week, choose from over 20 dishes, desserts and drinks. Only want to order for a single day? Don’t worry, customization is easy!

2️⃣Customize Order Details

     Let your taste buds take the lead! Choose from our ever-changing menu or leave it to us to select delicious meals for you. 

3️⃣Delivered To Your Doorstep

     Pick a time you want to us to deliver the food! ZW Home Cook brings delicious food to your door in an insulated and beautiful box so everything stays delicious.

4️⃣Eat And Enjoy!